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    Jessica Peck

    Release Notes updated as of 10/15/20 with the following:

    • COI - Improved Schedule System Jobs interface within Configuration (RESCOI-3754)
    • COI - Fixes Agenda jobs with failing repeat intervals (RESCOI-3872/20.10.009)
    • PROTOCOLS - Provides API for Kuali Person Training Table in Research Lite to allow integration (RESPRO-3679, RESPRO-3600)
    • PROTOCOLS - addresses a bug that allowed IRB/IACUC admins to click on the Action Item button, but not create an Action Item when a protocol was in a 'Suspended' state. With this fix, admins will no longer have the option to leave an Action Item, as the Action Item button is now taken away on a 'Suspended' Protocol (RESPRO-3613/20.10.003)
    • PROTOCOLS - Reviewers were able to create action item on any field during amendment; should just be the fields edited originally by the user (RESPRO-3591/20.10.003)
    • PROTOCOLS - Introduces functionality that now exclusively shows Reviewer Action Items in the 'Submit Review' modal when Assigned Reviewers go complete their review (RESPRO-3003/20.09.031)
    • PROTOCOLS - Addresses a bug that prevented Admins from 'reviewing assignments' when the protocol was back in the hands of the Researcher. Admins can now use the 'Review Assignment' button in both Returned to Researcher and Revisions Required states to view their selected Reviewers (RESPRO-3525/20.09.037)
    • PROTOCOLS - Addresses an issue that altered users' dashboard count when Assigned Reviewers were removed for a protocol undergoing review. This fix will accurately count Assigned Reviewers as they're added and removed by Admins and should now accurately reflect in the Dashboard as well (RESPRO-2883/20.09.041)
    • PROTOCOLS - Addresses load time and lag issues when opening meetings with seemingly 20+ protocols attached. In this fix, we've reduced the load time to roughly 5 seconds (RESPRO-3660/20.09.043)
    • PROTOCOLS - When a List Value Dropdown pulls from a Filtered Dropdown List, now it displays the labels instead of the codes (RESPRO-3208/20.09.035)
    • PROTOCOLS - Addresses an accessibility bug where a user had to tab through the entirety of a protocol after clicking '+ Action Item' to get to the Action Item Drawer itself. Users are now able to click '+ Action Item' and the tabbing immediately shifts to the Action Item drawer for quick Action Item creation (RESPRO-3445/20.09.028)
    • PROTOCOLS - Fixes issue where Action Items were not saving on certain fields (RESPRO-3429)
    • DASHBOARD -  Adds the ability to mark specific unit hierarchies (e.g. all of IN-IN in demo data) as "viewable" by all users in that unit. It can be set up as a more performant option for institutions that want to allow wide-open access to large portions of their userbase without having to rely on complex role and permission configurations.  This is all controlled by the new parameter Elasticsearch_Index_Unrestricted_View_Units, which is a semicolon-separated list of the units that should be indexed to allow broader access permissions. Once indexed, the unit hierarchies associated with these documents can be matched against the logged-in user's primary department from the Dashboard side (RESKC-4802/2009.0041)
    • AWARD - Creates parameter AWARD_COPY_MOD_NUM which provides the option to copy the Modification ID field when copying an award. If the parameter is off, the Modification ID will not copy over (RESKC-3982/2010.0002)
    • GENERAL - Creates a parameter, ADDRESSBOOK_ORGANIZATION_AS_SPONSOR_NAME, which makes the Organization field in the Address Book Entry read-only and set automatically with the selected Sponsor Name. Creates a parameter, ADDRESSBOOK_OWNED_BY_UNIT, that defines the Owned By Unit field and makes the field read-only.  Users can add new non-employee contacts in the address book with automation that helps with accuracy and consistent information. When a Sponsor Code is selected, it will automatically fill the Organization Name to the same name as the Sponsor Code (RESKC-4765/2010.0001)
    • GENERAL - Adds a new default derived role type for award unit contact of Fund Manager. Additional custom derived unit contacts can also be maintained (RESKC-4763)
    • COI - Updates project push logic to be more consistent and avoid timeout/duplication errors preventing successful pushes (RESKC-4812,RESCOI-3810)
    • GENERAL - Fixes XSS security issues (RESKC-4754)
    • DASHBOARD - Fixes issue where child proposals were also showing in the workload assignment card when a parent proposal was submitted for review (RESKC-4805/20.9.7)
    • PROPOSAL - Fixes accessibility issues where tabindex was inconsistent in KNS modules (RESKC-4654/2009.0036)
    • PROPOSAL - S2S - Updates S2S submission status job to better handle submissions with multiple proposal sites or missing opportunity details (RESKC-4830/2009.0039)
    • PROPOSAL - S2S - Makes Additional Congressional Districts attachment type available to all customers and maps the attachment to the SF424_3_0-V3.0 form (RESKC-4806/2009.0038)
    • GENERAL - Adds improvements to caching and database indexing for KRMS and Questionnaire execution (RESKC-4817/2009.0036)
    • PROPOSAL - Adds Prime Sponsor Name and Proposal Type fields to the Proposal Summary of the Summary/Submit page in Proposal Development (RESCK-4075/2009.0033)
    • PROPOSAL/EXPORT CONTROL - Fixes issue where a proposal with an Export Control entry would not generate an R&R Other Project Information form (RESKC-4834/2009.0034)
    • EXPORT CONTROL - Fixes issue where you would get a stack trace error if you attempted to delete an Export Control Special Review RESBOOT-1000 (RESKC-4835/2009.0033)
    • IP/AWARD - Adds logic to resync and correct version sequences if the document is FINAL but sequence status is still pending (RESKC-4056)
    • COI - Adds new features related to COI system notifications where you can configure notification modes now in the Configuration - General Configuration.  Also, adds the COI Notification Log option in the Configuration - Customize Notifications.  Also moves notifications to better service with more stability. Full announcement can be found here (RESCOI-3657, RESCOI-3577, RESCOI-3814, RESCOI-3711)
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