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    Jessica Peck

    Release notes updated as of 5/17/20 with the following:

    • PROTOCOLS - Improves incorrect validation when deleting PI and adding back the same user (RESPRO-1098/20.05.025)
    • PROTOCOLS - Fixes issue where Protocol would show blank screen on show latest changes if you click on person view and it contained a training (RESPRO-3140/20.05.021)
    • PROTOCOLS - Fixes issue where you could not upload attachments in agenda items in Protocol meetings (RESPRO-3304/20.05.019)
    • PROTOCOLS - Resolves issue where the field was showing the label instead of ID in Event Type in Reportable Events Lists (RESPRO-2731/20.05.017)
    • PROTOCOLS - Fixes issue in Version dropdown where Renewed protocols would have more than one approved statuses; prior approved versions should go to superseded (RESPRO-3212/20.05.010)
    • PROTOCOLS - Fixes issue where Ancillary Reviewer configuration allowed the same contact to be added more than once (RESPRO-3277/20.05.015)
    • COI - Fixes issue where Project filtering wouldn't search Sponsor Project ID (RESCOI-3419/20.05.012)
    • COI - Adds Progressive Display options on a list to be consistent between card list and regular list (RESCOI-3466/0.17.7)
    • COI - Fixes issue where toggles in card list did not update properly (RESCOI-3435/0.17.6)
    • COI - Fixes issue where the Manage Delegates button was not showing initially for users (RESCOI-3409/20.05.007)
    • PROTOCOLS - Adds confirmation for Save and warning on Cancel actions in IRB/IACUC Configuration (RESPRO-2713/20.05.011)
    • PROTOCOLS - Fixes issue where the close option was missing after resubmit of a close request on IACUC Protocol (RESPRO-3246/20.05.003)
    • COI - Adds the COI Viewer role to the Push Unit Hierarchy to Core Groups job in Monolith and also adds the new parameter Role_Ids_To_Push_To_Groups that allows you to configure which roles should get pushed (RESKC-4521, RESCOI-2641/2005.0005)
    • GENERAL/DASHBOARD - Remove legacy non-Elasticsearch Dashboard APIs in KR and no longer used parameters:
      (RESKC-3912, RESKC-4443/2005.0002)
    • PROPOSAL - Fixes issue where you were unable to apply to later periods or autocalculate periods for personnel with multiple lines (RESKC-4055/2005.0001)
    • GENERAL - Increases Sponsor Acronym Character Limit from 10 to 30 characters (RESKC-4224/2005.0002)
    • PROPOSAL - Fixes default mapping behavior for RR Budget so that PI will always map to section A of the budget even if budgeted in non-senior personnel sections; all other roles will map to the budget category of the object code it's budgeted (RESKC-4471/2005.0003)
    • PROTOCOLS - Fixes where Action Items on protocols would change on agenda meeting minutes after they were submitted (RESPRO-2344/20.04.073
    • COI - Fixes issue where 700u verification filtering was broken (RESCOI-3444/20.05.006)
    • COI - Fixes issue where COI Disposition drop down would reset inappropriately (RESCOI-3428/20.05.004)
    • PROTOCOLS - Adds new Action Items to replace current commenting to facilitate better communication between admins and researchers during protocol review.  Information on the functionality can be found in the Protocols - Review and Action Items article.  And more information on this transition can be found in the announcement here (RESPRO-2517, RESPRO-2560)
    • PROTOCOLS - Adds the new Protocol Review Type of External Reliance so if your institution is relying on another institution to perform committee review on a Protocol you can configure a General Questionnaire gadget to identify this submission scenario so you can suppress your institution's protocol questions.  More information on this functionality can be found in the Protocols - Multi Site Review article (RESPRO-308)
    • PROTOCOLS - Adds new advanced filtering and lookup to protocols - a complete overview of new filter and search functionality and how to use can be found in the Protocols - Advanced Filter and Search article (RESPRO-1265)
    • PROTOCOLS - Adds Ancillary Review functionality that allows additional approvals to be added in the protocol review process (RESPRO-2696)
    • COI - Fixes issue where certain COI notifications were not received (RESCOI-3365/20.04.040)
    • COI - Fixes memory leak in agenda jobs (RESCOI-3426/20.04.040)
    • COI - Fixes issue where errors weren't displaying properly in sub-card lists  (RESCOI-3358)
    • PROTOCOLS - Fixes issue where the Action Item count was not calculating as expected in left menu (RESPRO-2734/20.04.071)
    • COI - Fixes formats for date fields to be consistent across all fields.  Now all are ISO date format; aka Zulu format (RESCOI-2581/20.04.033)
    • COI - Fixes how versions occur on Withdraw action; it will now no longer create a separate version when withdrawing a Protocol (RESPRO-2733/20.04.070)
    • COI - Adds Card List Filter Options to Economic Interest Supplemental in 700u (RESCOI-3372/20.04.029)
    • COI - Refactor Notification Service to improve functionality (RESCOI-3376/20.04.032)
    • COI - Fixes issue where the Comments icon was not displaying on prior approved Disclosures so it wasn't easy to see where comments were made (RESCOI-3380/20.04.028)
    • COI - Fixes issue where Project Card List Filtering would not always use current list (RESCOI-3366/20.04.028)
    • COI - Fixes performance issues on disclosures where reporter had numerous projects associated with a number of Financial Entities (RESCOI-3369)
    • PROTOCOLS - Fixes issue where times on the meeting/agenda page were incorrect and not matching time displayed within meeting (RESPRO-3244/20.04.064)
    • PROTOCOLS - Fixes issue where Protocol Dashboard links were not working and updating the filters in Manage Protocols (RESPRO-3240)
    • COI - Fixes issue where not all comments in a disclosure were showing up in Preview Comments (RESCOI-3343/20.04.022)
    • PROTOCOLS - Adds functionality for reviewing IRB for Multi-site Research (Single IRB); more information on this functionality can be found in the Protocols - Multi Site Reviewarticle (RESPRO-248)
    • COI - Removes COI Feature Flags no longer used in the system (RESCOI-3401)
    • PROTOCOLS - Fixes issue where Show Latest Changes would go to white page if attachments had been removed in protocol (RESPRO-3223/20.04.043)
    • PROTOCOLS - Fixes issue where an Action Item's created/updated date was updating when a reply was created (RESPRO-3221/20.04.034)
    • COI - Fixes issue where you could not upload Admin Attachments to COI disclosure because of special characters in the file name (RESCOI-3363)
    • COI - Fixes issue where Projects in Declarations was not matching listed projects in 700u (RESCOI-3383,RESCOI-3385/20.04.019)
    • COI - For hosted customers it adds banner across top to indicate in lower STG or SBX environments to differentiate from PRD (RESCOI-3354)
    • COI - Fixes issue in 700u where disclosure was allowed to be submitted without required Declaration completed due to how projects pushed (RESCOI-3281/20.04.015)
    • COI - Improvements to UI in Template Configuration and additional warnings on changes (RESCOI-3379)
    • COI - Fixes issue on ad-hoc project entry where you couldn't enter data until reloading the page (RESCOI-2949/20.04.010)
    • PROTOCOLS - Migrates Protocols to Node v12 (RESPRO-2919, RESPRO-3201/20.04.008)
    • PROTOCOLS - Fixes issue where popups in protocols were not displaying properly when browser window zoomed (RESPRO-2999/20.04.003)
    • COI - Fixes issue where Return action would not do the notification prompt correctly; went to blank white page (RESCOI-3373/20.04.013)
    • COI - Fixes UI issues on project search filter in 700u where if title was too long it would run off the screen (RESCOI-3335/20.04.009)
    • COI - Improves how disclosure projects are pulled into disclosures and adds checks to avoid duplications (RESCOI-3188)
    • COI - Adds the display Title information for the filer on 700u in Economic Interests Supplemental (RESCOI-3346/20.04.005)
    • SUBAWARD - Fixes issue where display was blown out if Organization Name had large character length (RESKC-4521)
    • DASHBOARD - Add ability in omni search to search all data from the beginning of data collection to a specific date, or a specific date through today.  Also, adds error messaging when a user does not enter a date in one of the range date field searches or when the first date entered is earlier than thru date.  And organizes Date fields in one column in the Narrow search by category popup (RESKC-4472/20.4.18)
    • PROPOSAL - S2S - Fixes issue with the PHS 398 Coverpage Supplement V5.0 Questionnaire (RESKC-4487/2004.0043)
    • DASHBOARD - Updates the 'Primary Approver' column name to 'Current Request(s)' to better capture the intent of the information (RESKC-4496/20.4.17)
    • GENERAL - Performance improvements to Agenda editor (RESKC-4493/2004.0040)
    • PROPOSAL - S2S - Fixes issue on RR_KeyPerson form that went to error upon print if 9th person added was a non-employee (RESKC-4482/2004.0038)
    • PROPOSAL - S2S - Fixes formatting issues in new Fellowship Supplemental form print (RESKC-4479/2004.0037)
    • PROPOSAL - S2S - Updates expiration date incorrect on Short 424 (RESKC-4492/2004.0036)
    • AWARD - Fixes issue where you could no longer add attachments to final award documents (RESKC-4490)
    • PROPOSAL - S2S - Updates a number of new forms where the expiration date was incorrect (RESKC-4477/2004.0034)
    • PROPOSAL - Fixes issue where adding a Personnel line item but editing effort on Details before save would result in stack trace error (RESKC-4476/2004.0031)
    • PROPOSAL - S2S - Fixes issue where R&R Budget forms was not showing all of personnel salaries if the person was added in the Key Personnel tab of the proposal budget budgeted to a non-Senior Personnel object code (RESKC-4440/2004.0029)
    • GENERAL - Increases Organization Name Character Limit from 60 to 200 Characters (RESKC-4225/2004.0042)
    • PROPOSAL - Fixes issue where the Approval Date on Human Subjects was not being required when status was Approved; found it was related to Special Review Approval Status table configuration and that this was not set as required out of the box.  Also updated when the validation is thrown if this configuration is changed so it doesn't lock the record (RESKC-4187/2004.0032)
    • DASHBOARD - Adds new Date lookups in the omni search that gives options Specific, Range, Greater than date, Less than date (RESKC-3909/20.4.10)
    • DASHBOARD - Upgrades Elasticsearch from 6.x to 7.x (RESKC-3994/2004.0026)
    • GENERAL - Adds the new UEI field to the Organization record which will eventually be the DUNS replacement.  This is in preparation of when the new form version will eventually incorporate this field in form mapping.  The new field follows the same formatting requirements as expected in; full announcement from of this new field can be found here (RESKC-4033/2004.0028)
    • GENERAL - Makes CFDA table functionality available when the KFS integration parameter is turned off; also enables CFDA_BATCH_JOB_ON parameter by default (RESKC-4359/2004.0027)
    • PROPOSAL - Fixes issue where the NSF Science Code lookup would popup a calendar rather than lookup (RESKC-4449/2004.0023)
    • AWARD - Adds active/inactive flag to Sponsor Term Type maintenance records of Sponsor Term Type, Subaward Cost Type, Award Attachment Type and Sponsor Terms (RESKC-4154/2004.0030)
    • DASHBOARD - Updates the dashboard with new parameters to allow view authorization configuration for dashboard functionality. The Elasticsearch_Index_Skip_Roles will skip indexing view authorization results for roles with too broad a scope or for groups who won't need to use the Dashboard.  And the parameter Elasticsearch_Index_Unrestricted_View_Namespaces that allows view authorization indexing to be skipped completely for specific document namespaces, allowing all users to view those documents.  Lastly, it removes existing Elasticsearch_Index_Skip_Default_And_Unit_Roles parameter since it was no longer used (RESKC-3981/2004.0021)
    • PROPOSAL - S2S - Updates all OMB Form Sets to the new versions that are effective MAY 15 2020; full announcement with more information can be found here (RESKC-3857)
    • GENERAL - Updates license headers to 2020 (RESKC-4425/2004.0018)
    • NEGOTIATION - Updates the Title field to allow 200 characters to match other modules (RESKC-3076/2004.0014)
    • GENERAL - Fixes issue where the YNQs for Organization where not changing/updating as expected (RESKC-4014/2004.0014)
    • IP - Fixes issue where the IP Attachments file name column was empty after first save (RESKC-4439/2004.0014)
    • IP/AWARD/SUBAWARD - Updates the labels for the Custom Data and Special Review tabs to be uniform with Proposal labeling; they're now Supplemental Data and Compliance  (RESKC-4227/2004.0022)
    • SUBAWARD - Updates attachments printing with Subaward FDP PDF so they are included in the attachments area of the PDF rather than behind the forms (RESKC-4384/2004.0015)
    • COI - Updates made to allow Project integration with third party system; more information in the COI - Project Integration with External System article (RESCOI-3324/20.04.012)
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